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Holiday News
hese pages show some the exploits of our former chairman, Iain Siney after he got wanderlust and travels the world. They follow his progress, keeping us all up to date with his adventures. Iain's emails are on the Chronicles page and there are also collections of photos. You can leave comments on the Message Boards or join in live chat when he is around in the Ichat Room. He is currently back in the UK for a while

June 26th
Iain back home
May 30th
Iain is back in Melbourne after a few days in Canberra. He meets up with his sister on Monday for he final leg of this trip. They should be in Melbourne for a week before heading back up to Sydney and possibly Byron Bay. I don't think he is looking forward to seeing us as much as we are to see him.
May 21st
Iain has spent the last few days in Adelaide. He has travelled all down the country by bus, and I guess probably has a sore rear end!

He has met up with our friends Bobby and Brian who we spent three magic weeks with last year. I asked him to pick me up a bottle of Chapel Hill Port to bring home. He has picked it up, though is not promising that the bottle will get to England let alone it's contents.

He sets off again on Saturday, I presume he is off to Melbourne where he is meeting up with his sister and her boyfriend, and they will spend Iains's last month in Australia together. They should all be home at the end of June

Adelaide Theatre and River

Chapel Hill Winery

May 12th
had a magic couple of days diving include a night dive which got the adrenaline flowing. Guess by now he should be on his way to the centre and Alice Springs
May 1st
Spent the last few days in Cairns, he is off to Cape Tribulation before nipping back to Cairns to take the bus to Alice Springs and Ayres Rock before heading all the way down to Adelaide.
April 23rd
Just spoken to Iain. He is currently in Townsville, he is off to Magnetic Island tomorrow, then making his way up to Cairns. We got the latest email on the 17th and that is posted on the Chronicles page along with a picture of Fraser Island, a place he loved!
April 12th
Iain now off on his travels again, been on a boat around the Whit Sundays. Spent Easter on some remote island. Email apparantly virtually finished.
March 31st
Iain is still in Brisbane, slightly longer than he intended, but has made some new friends and has had a job selling telephone services. We are still awaiting that long promised email.
Magnetic Island Cape Tribulation
Byron Bay Townsville

February 22nd
Iain has arrived in Brisbane after some good times travelling up from Byron Bay, the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise. He hopes to send out a new email detailing his adventures soon. A group of us had a good chat with him earlier today in the Chat Room

February 6th
Iain has reached Byron Bay and already seems to be enjoying himself. Horseriding, dolphins and all
February 2004

7.00am on 2nd February Iain sets off again on his trip. Having spent over 6 months in Sydney, he is catching a bus which will take him on a journey of over three months. He is firstly heading up the east coast. with the first major stop likely to be Byron Bay. Other friends of ours, Chris Rossetto and Nick Sutton have has good times there, Nick even ended up playing Rugby for the local club
Ian had a great time in the Whit Sundays and is now geting ready to move on. Visting a few more sights in Sydney and taking more snaps. He had a surprise visit from a friend he met on the road in Canada
January 2004

Iain reckons he has just had his best ever New Years Eve along with 750,000 others in Sydney. And we thought he was missing us! His trip to the Whit Sunday Isles starts on the 6th January.
December 28th
Iain had a long Christmas Day and obviously did a lot of toasts to absent friends. He hopes to go to the Whit Sunday Islands after New Year celebrations in Bondi. Later in January he is resuming his travels around the continent.
December 21st
Iain all ok and intending to spend Christmas Day on Bondi Beach. A few days later another friend from the UK will be jetting over to spend some time with our long lost friend

December 14th

Not a lot of news from Iain and Nathan other than Nathan is returning home early on 17th. maybe with some news and some pictures. That would be good

December 2nd

As I write this, Iain should be meeting up with Nathan, for the first time since Canada. He arrives today from gloomy England to spend Christmas with Iain.Try to survive it gentlemen. Enjoy!
November 11th
Iain has left Sydney and gone to stay on Bondi Beach. Sounds like hell! He's sharing an old house with 12 others
October 21st 2003
Latest email from Iain
Iain has just finished a 3month stint working for an insurance company, somehow he didnt manage to save any money to continue the trip, so its back to work again I guess ;-)

August 12th
If you want Iain's new mobile number email him at the usual address
July 13th
Iain has settled into Sydney and has an apartment and a job.
July 2nd
The story of Iains New Zealand adventures has been posted on the Chronicles Page. It may be a a while before the next one as he is now working to get the finances to continue the trip. Welcome back to the real world mate!
June 26th
Another leg of the journey over. Iain arrived in Sydney today and faces a return to reality as he thinks about finding a job!
June 21st
Now back in hostels and was in Auckland last time we heard, only a few days before he flies off to Australia
J une 14th
He is now in Wellington, and has picked a good day to be there as the English have beaten the All Blacks for the first time in 30 years on NZ soil in Wellington today. Dont know whether he was at the match cos its not his favourite game but he must be a good talisman
June 8th

Iain has just been on the phone! He sounds great and if you want to see what he has been up to follow this link.
June 8th
Iain left a message in the message room saying what a fantastic place he is staying in. Its called Queenstown. I have pulled a couple of shots off the net so you can see what it looks like
June 3rd
Iain safely in NZ, last weekend was in a small town called Nelson and very happy!

May 24th
Last we heard from Iain was the 18th when he was on the Ichat line for most of the evening. Getting ready to move on to New Zealand after a comparatively quiet time in Chile, partly because he has not had enough time to do all the things he wanted to do.... Oh well just have to go back another time!
April 30th
Well he made it across the border, but not without problems from the Police, no doubt you will get the full story in the next Chronicle. Blimey he actually got to Chile. Mind you how long it takes him to get to Santiago is anyones guess if he enjoys Chile as much the other SA countries he’s been to.
April 29th
Iain is at the Peruvian border with Chile, but how much further he gets depends on what the authorities do with when he tells them he has lost his entry/exit visa for Peru. I have finally got hold of some of Iain’s American snaps which are on a test posting linked from the Backpacka page.
April 28th
Well, its finally here and was it worth waiting for?? Damn right it was.
April 23rd
Iain getting ready to leave Peru, maybe even get to Chile, not sure yet about Santiago and ports west! In good spirits and working on the huge email chronicle.
April 21st
Iain briefly on-line last night while he tried to catch up on his emails. Hopefully we should get the latest re-written installment soon
April 15th UPDATE
Iain’s Lonely Planet has arrived so he is on his way to errr somewhere by bus. When he gets wherever it is he should be on-line. ;-)
April 15th
Iain due on line at 8pm GMT tonight! Go to the chat with Iain Menu and click on Instant Chat, Peruvian phone lines permitting of course
April 12th
Last time we heard he was in Peru, waiting for a new copy of the Lonely Planet Guide to arrive from England, and some more Marillion discs if he’s lucky
April 3rd
Iain back on track again following an unpleasant incident in Cochabamba Bolivia where he was robbed at knifepoint. He lost his third camera of the journey and worst of all his Lonely Planet guide which with Iain’s sense of direction doesnt bear thinking about. Inside the guide was the draft of the next email, so we will have to be patient while Iain tries to re-write it
March 24th
Iain was chatting on-line from Bolivia last night for most of the evening. Unfortunately we only had a couple of hours notice. Next time we will try to have advance warning and let more people know. As usual he was on good form. Hopefully an email update to follow shortly
March 13th
Wow! The latest message from Iain is here, check it out now, The quality and style of his writing leaves you with a perfect picture and a longing to hear more. Who knows where he is at the moment, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, where ever it is cant wait to hear about it!
No word for some days so he must in the Amazon somewhere! This will be my last post until sometime in March. Have a nice month folks
It will soon be my turn to travel as Carole and I are off to Australia for three weeks on Wednesday. So unless anyone else gets around to doing anything, the site will not be updated until my return. We have now finished testing a new Instant Messenger system for real time chat, either with Iain or anyone else who happens to be around. You can still use the original one to leave messages for Iain, but we think you may prefer the new one for actual on line chat. Whichever you use, enjoy!
Feb 11th
Latest message from the lad, still enjoying himself and delighting in the new experiences
Feb 6th
Iain has arrived safely in Brazil and is now in Salvador (will have to look that up on a map. Long chats last night using a mixture of emails and the Contact Iain message board here on the site. Not quite a chat room but all had great fun. If you are around next time Iain is on live, use the Refesh button on your browser to keep the messages flowing Cheers mate!
Feb 4th
Iain’s last day in America. Yesterday whilst staying in a hostel in Key West, his room was broken into and his other camera stolen along with his MP3 player and some money. The last couple of weeks have been a bit traumatic and we wish him well as he moves down South. Must be glad to see the back of Florida
Iain is due to fly to Brazil on Tuesday. Hope his luck changes and his Portugese improves as well. Those of you who know a bit about Marillion and Iain’s love for them will know that one of the places he is off to visit is the Statue of Jesus overlooking Rio. The statue is featured on the Afraid of Sunlight album. Marillion are having their second annual convention in March, and the whole of their Friday night set is the Afraid of Sunlight album. Iain has a ticket but cant afford the flight back home. If h or Mark or Ian or Steve or Pete or Lucy are reading this and fancy sending him a ticket home ...... I guess they probably know he is one their greatest ambassadors and has been giving away copies of Crash Course (a Marillion sampler) on his travels to further spread the word.
January 30th.
Iain in Miami, latest in a bad week of problems has been the loss of his digital camera stolen from his back pack, and of course all of the latest pics with it .
January 28th.
A long message from Iain posted in the message section
January 27th.
Iain now in Orlando after some exciting times in New Orleans, including having his pocket picked, being involved in a bus crash and errr emulating Hugh Grant and George Michael by having his picture taken whilst holding a row of numbers spending a night as a guest of the local authorities, but, of course, being exonorated by the local judge. Can’t wait to hear that story in full
January 23rd
A couple of housekeeping emails today from Iain, doesn’t say where he is, but did say ‘gotta run, the sun is beating and begging me to go and play’ Its alright for some !
January 20th
Iain apparently left Baltimore heading for New Orleans (a 29hour bus ride) last Friday
January 19th
No news from Iain, but we have got some of Nathan’s pics on the site with more to follow, hopefully with some explanations from Nathan alongside them.
Jan 10th
First messages from the USA. Iain has now left Boston and moved on to Philadelphia where he seems to have got into a Rocky mode. All that martial arts training I guess!
We hope to have the first major lot of photos from Canada posted over the next few days
Jan 8th
Not heard from Iain since before New Year, but understand from others that all went well. He was due to go to Boston last Saturday. Will post more when I hear anything. If anyone else has news let me know and I will add it here
Dec 30th
Iain is now in New York and settled in his hotel. He has seen the Empire State Building and toddled around Central Park.
The Guest book section is now up and running so you can leave messages for Iain by going to the Chat to Iain page
Dec 25th
After a White Christmas in Toronto and a family reunion on Boxing Day He is having a couple of days rest, then, its off to New York for New Years in Time Square. Hands up all those who are totally jealous? Then it’s either off to Boston Philadelphia or Chicago whichever takes his fancy.
Dec 23rd
Iain is back in Toronto. His Canadian journey is nearly at an end
Dec 17/18th
Iain is off to Winnipeg by bus to meet up with a young lady he met in Montreal Iain should be returning to Toronto to meet up with his uncle on Boxing Day. Lunch at the CN Tower. Sounds Great!
Dec 16th.
Iain & Nathan are now making their way back to Toronto ready for Nathan’s return on the 17th. In between Montreal and Ottawa they stopped off in Quebec.

Iain in Snowstorm

Dec 6th.
They are in Montreal until Sunday and then off to to Ottawa, Iain is heading back to Toronto for Christmas and Nathan will be flying home. They have also been to the Notre Dame
Dec 5th
No word for a few days, hopefully they are enjoying themselves far too much to talk to us.The guys should be on their way to Ottawa by now, assuming that Iain has recovered from the excitement of hearing Marillion in the hostel bar. I assume that the excess alcohol was to help him recover from the sad news that his 'baby' Peugeot has been a bit dented
Nov 26th
They have arrived safely and found themselves a hostel Whilst in Canada they will be going to the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, Montreal and Ottawa... and probably a few bars and clubs!
November 26th
20.30pm GMT
arrive Toronto Canada
November 26th 2002
12.30pm GMT
Iain & Nathan leave London Heathrow bound for Toronto


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