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Chat room

Four ways to stay in touch with Iain.
He is now back home so this area will be pretty quiet until he leaves again

1 The Ichat Room
A real time chat room where you can with chat with Iain or anyone else who happens to be around.

2. The Message Board
This is where you can leave messages for anyone to see.

3. Email
You can email Iain from here

4. Get an Alpha Account by clicking on the ad and call his mobile

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..So if you ever decide that you have to escape
And travel the world, and you can't find a place
Well, you could wind up believing
That paradise is nothing more than a feeling
That goes on in your mind
So if ever find out what that is
There's something you could do

'Cause if I ever hold that golden dream again
I want to tell you
I'm gonna name it after you

from After Me by Marillion

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